About us

The story of Magus Consulting is one of hard work, determination and strong desire to create a great image for our clients. Magus Consulting is a small studio of web designers, developers, photographers and video experts. Our vast experience combined with a joy of the aesthetic has earned us recognized work around the world. We excel in new approaches to web design with an expert staff. Magus Consulting helps create your Portfolio, Business website, Video presentation, Corporate Identity and much more.

As Magus Consulting expands in to the worldwide marketplace, we continue to strive for excellence in expressing our elegance and sophistication with core design concepts, exceptional artistry and clever synergies of visual elements.

The combination of a strong web site development team and an exciting creative team allows us to develop a cohesive and professional identity for your organization - both online and off. We can deliver a powerful print and online campaign with speed and accuracy.


We help you to communicate your message to the world


We help you to build an online and offline presence


We can assist you in determining how online and offline presence can grow your business

Make your Business with Magus

Magus Consulting helps create your Portfolio, Business website, Video presentation, Corporate Identity and much more.

Stunning design

Our primary business is custom web design. We also handcraft web solutions that tailor to your business needs whether it is an online application, blog, shopping cart, content management system, social network or anything else you can dream up.

While Magus strives to make a first impression with their designs, we also understand the importance of the delicate balance between design and function. Your presence on the Internet is a direct reflection of your company and everything it has to offer.

Powerful yet simple

A well defined identity will always contribute to the company image.Even if it comes to a logo or an entire corporate package I can deliver something that will always emphasize your brand.

Also, a top notch product catalog is an important step on your brand promotion. A collection of hi quality posters can attract your clients attention. Any printed material can come and strongly sustain your branding process.


Consulting is most often used when a company needs an outside, expert opinion regarding a business decision. Magus will provide the expert knowledge and tell to our clients what best practices should be followed, what to expect from customers, and how to deal with foreign regulations.

Our Team


Mirela is responsible for Magus’s strategic business planning initiatives and client acquisitions. With twelve years of marketing experience, she also helps manage projects.
Mirela facilitates communication with our clients and is a liaison with our internal staff. She has a Master Degree in Computer Engineering from Timisoara Politechnical University.


Michael oversees the Financial Services sector at Magus Consulting. He graduated with honours from the Villanova University. Michael was an early innovator and adapter of video production for the web when he started his career in the mid '90s. While maintaining an eye on web innovation, he switched careers to investment banking and private equity. He currently enjoys combining the two sectors of digital media and the financial market at Magus Consulting.


Marian is in charge of your look and feel. He is an artist first - he graduated Art University of Timisoara and a graphic designer second. His talents include: Photo shop, Indesign, After Effects, Illustrator, He also paints, Sketches and much more. Marian brings over 14 years of Graphic design experience in the industry.

PHP 83%

WordPress 76%


Web Design 88%

Graphic Design 76%

Illustration 67%